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Murshidabad itself is a Historical place in Nawab dynasty. Nawab Murshidkuli Khan replaced the capital of undivided Bangla, Bihar and Orissa in this area and after that this area renamed by his name - Murshidabad. There are so many points for study-tours in this District and many points outside the district but within 100 kms
1. Hazarduari Palace Museum under Archeological Survey of India is the main pointhe Palace is famous for thousand doors 100 No. of Original Doors and 900 No. of False Doors. 
2. Katra Mosque is the Grave-yard of Nawab Murshidkuli Khan. 
3. Kat-Golap Bagan is the garden the then great Jagat Seth.
4. Khosbagh is the Grave-yard of Nawab Alibordi Khan, Nawab Sirajudoulla.
5. Plassey famous for Battle of Plassey, 1957, celebrating 250 years this year. 
6. Chhoto Rajbari is the palace of the Maharaj Manindra Chandra Nandi. 
7. Dutch Symmetry is the situated near North Rail-gate of Cossimbazar Station. 
8. Karna Subarna is the Capital of King Shashanka 
9. WORLD Longest Farakka Barrage is the connector of Murshidabad and Malda (North-East India). 
10. Tarapith is a famous the Goddess Kali Temple, one of 51 Mahapith, in the district Birbhum. 
11. Mayapur is the Headquarter of ISCON, in the district Nadia. 
12. Rajbari Palace of Maharaj Krishna Chandra in the district Nadia is famous for clay models.