Co-curricular Activities


Knowledge component + Talent factor + Skill training + Leisure activity + Public Image =  C.C.A

CCA Trump Card

C.C.A - A New Image at K.V.B (The challenge of change)

Our new design in the C.C.A arena shows a shift from the "mere compete" to "train and then compete" mode.
The Strategy
We train our students with relevance and utility in day to day living on the following core competencies.

Competency Bulding


1. Quizzing - General Knowledge

2. Literary Skills

3. Music

4. Art

5. SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work)

6. Yoga



7. Drama and Theatre



Competency based training is imparted by various clubs.

1. General Knowledge :

It is negotiated by the various clubs operating in the Vidyalaya. It has features like experimentation, identification and audio visual rounds. Latest from the fields of Maths, Science, Literature, Art, Music, Nature, Sports and Consumer is given to the students.

2. Literary Skills :

 Guidance is provided in the sub competencies listed below.





Creative Writing

Newspaper Reading 



Picture Reading



Story Telling

Pick and Speak



3. Music :

Music soothes the soul and raises the spirit. The Music club has gone to the forefront. It gives a platform for growth and expression. It trains the students in singing, dancing, monoacting, mimicry and instrumental music.

The areas taken up for training are 

Performing Art



Group Dance







Group Song


4. Art :

To kindle the imagination of the students and to bring out the magical strokes, training is imparted in sketching, Painting, Colouring, Clay Modeling and Pot Painting.

5. SUPW:

Practical useful training is provided for girls and boys.



Girls: Cooking, Napkin folding, Table laying and Origami, Mehndi, Baking.

Boys: Book binding, Cardboard work, Clay, Plaster of Paris work, Electrical gadgets.

6. Yoga :

The club offers great opportunity to those who have supple body and flexible limbs. The students are involved in meditation, asanas and other exercises. This keeps their mind sound and body fit. Above all they are stress free.

How we go about our " train and compete" sessions:

Each student chooses the competency of his/her choice for the academic year where they are trained before the competition by different clubs.

  1. A minimum Syllabus is completed by each club as per action plan.
  2. After two or three sessions of training a competition is organized.
  3. Varied talents of all the teachers is the most important resource for us.
  4. Experts are invited whenever necessary and talented students are included in the core group for training the students.
  5. Music competitions are scheduled on the days of national significance and importance.
  6. CCA in X and XII is mostly syllabi based.

Our CCA is inspirational maintaining its Charisma and effectiveness. Edging itself into prominence it has acquired maturity and stability that ensures desired results. The flavour of competing and the taste of success is at its appetizing best, through the club sponsored inter house competitions.

Our morning assembly is held section wise from classes III to X and class wise in XI and XII standards. Quality Performance and maximum participation is stressed upon.

Our pattern for the morning Assembly.



Special Item



Science & Technology, Environmental features and Maths



Value Based



Consumer interest



Pertaining to Sanskrit Language



By primary section



By primary section

We encourage varied style of presentation.

Star Classes

We believe Cleanliness is next to Godliness and class rooms are temples of learning.

To imbibe the qualities of Discipline and Punctuality and to make our students active and energetic the classes are judged and stars are awarded each day to the best class.

Inter House Display Board Competition.

To encourage enquiry based learning and to provide a platform for expression of creativity and to help the child to improve his general awareness, Inter house Display board Competitions are held once in each term.

How we go about it?


The topic is subdivided into sub topics for a comprehensive meaningful coverage.


Each sub topic is assigned to a particular class.


Assessment is made class wise.


The results are declared class wise and house wise.